Wellness area Winzerhof Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna

85 to 95 C°, Humidity is approx. 10%

The Finnish sauna is a very old form of bathing that had a very important place in the lives of primitive Indians and Mongolians. The sauna was not only used to cleanse the body but also to clear the mind. In modern times the sauna is valued for its sweating and cleansing application.

The high temperature causes quick sweating and so stimulates your metabolism and purification of your body. The immune, cardio and circulatory systems are strengthened by repeated use of the sauna and, as a result, your body becomes more robust. Your skin is cleansed and the regeneration of cells stimulated. It also relieves and regenerates your central nervous system. 
The loyly usually takes place shortly before leaving the sauna cabin in order to moisten your respiratory system.
You can cool off with a cold shower, inhalation and immersion that normalises your body temperature, supplies your skin with oxygen and stimulates your metabolism and kidneys. The additional relaxation effect has a positive effect on your psyche. 
Resting after a sauna is an important part of taking a sauna, as it harmonises body and mind.

How to take a sauna 
- approx. 1 to 3 times 
- duration approx. 5 to 15 minutes 
- before entering the cabin please shower thoroughly 
- dry yourself completely 
- step into this hot bathing pleasure and relax either sitting or lying 
- after the sauna take a cold shower or what you prefer, wrap yourself up well and go to our relaxation room

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