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Worth knowing:

You can book weekly beauty packages in situ.
In order to get the dates you prefer, we would ask you to reserve your treatments when you book your room. We charge 50% for beauty treatments that are not cancelled at least 24 hours before the agreed time.

Beauty treatments Wellness Hotel Winzerhof Tramin

Classic Massage

Classic massage
ca. 25 min. – € 35,00
ca. 50 min. – € 62,00

"Aromaoil" Massage

Massage using natural aromatherapy oils.
ca. 50 min. – € 68,00

Dynamic feet & legs massage

Do you spend the whole day on your feet? Pamper yourself with a deep earthy leg massage that loosens the tissue, brings back the blood circulation and makes the head clear. For healthy, recovered, and relaxed feet & legs and a deep mental fitness.
ca. 50 min. – € 70,00

Sophisticated Back Massage

A reconstructive back treatment with highly effective natural active ingredients and a massage individually tailored to you. Singing bowls and cupping glasses relieve tension in the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine. Lasting relaxation for your back. Free yourself of stress and blockages. Stand up straight!
ca. 50 min.  € 68,00

Back Massage with feet massage

A reconstructive back treatment with highly effective natural active ingredients and a massage individually tailored to you. 
ca. 50 min.  € 62,00

Relaxing Head & Neck Massage

This unique treatment method with a extraordinary massage and precisely effective plant extracts smoothly releases tensions in the head, neck and shoulder area. Deep contact and a modulated individual treatment technique ensure a pleasant relaxation and a switch off from the stress of everyday life. The microcirculation is stimulated, vessels, sense organs and nerves are strengthened.
ca. 50 min.  € 68,00

Body Wrap
Body wraps Hotel Winzerhof South Tyrol

Celebrate some special down time and pamper your skin to the fullest. The 7 elements of the VITALIS Dr. Joseph method make it possible to provide individual treatment possibilities. The direction the treatment takes is based on its key areas: promotion of circulation, the power of plants, hydrating the skin, and using heat (steam) to strengthen the effects for deeper relaxation and a return to the self. An ideal finish - a partial body massage for especially lasting effect. Body and spirit on Cloud 9.

Deep Alpine Strength – Detoxifying Bath with Alpine Mud

A “wellness must” for lovers of alpine tradition. The alpine mud smells distinctively alpine. In combination with natural sediments, it works to detoxify the body through the skin - both invigorating and restorative. Deep, strong care, natural and powerful.

Bundled Energy – With Arnica & St. John's Wort

Feel the invigorating power of sun plants. This health wrap brings new fitness to your tired joints and muscles. The power of the active ingredients, arnica and St. John's wort, reduces stress, relieves tension, and supports the performance of your muscles.
Body Wrap: ca. 25 min. – € 35,00
+ partial massage: ca. 25 min. 
– € 66,00

Gentle Recovery – Care Wrap with Calendula & Chamomile

Enjoy a special pampering program with calendula and chamomile. The activating and calming ingredients have a balancing effect on sensitive and irritated skin. Your complexion will be refreshed and your skin made supple and radiant.

Effective Beauty – Anti-Aging with Wine Grapes & Sea Buckthorn

Pure regeneration - slip into a new skin. The combined power of wine grapes and sea buckthorn in this beauty wrap improves your skin's ability to protect itself and provides a pleasant, silky feeling of well-being.

Sweet Allure for a deeply moisturized skin – with Apple & Rose Hips

Pamper your skin with a fruity and sensual beauty bath. Apple extract is rich in vitamins, minerals, pectin, and waxes - the perfect active ingredients to care for demanding skin. In combination with precious rose hips, it considerably improves the skin's well-being and significantly reduces drying. Your skin will appear smoother and more supple.

Facial treatment
Trattamento viso sulla strada del vino

Facial Package Treatment

ca. 60 min. - € 65,00

Beauty Hotel Winzerhof South Tyrol

Manicure: 30 min. – € 35,00

Pedicure: 50 min. – € 39,00

Varnish: 10 min. – € 7,00

Colouring eyelashes: 15 min. – € 15,00

Colouring eyebrows: 10 min. – € 10,00

Correction eyebrows: 10 min. – € 10,00

Upper lip or chin: 10 min. – € 9,00

Body depilation available on request.

SPA etiquette

Reserve treatments

In order to secure your desired treatment, we recommend that you make a reservation before your arrival at the spa reception. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment(s) immediately upon your arrival.

Be on time

To ensure that your treatment specialist can prepare your custom treatment and that you can enjoy your full treatment time, we kindly request that you arrive at the spa reception about 5 minutes before the start of your treatment. Out of respect for other guests, we ask that you understand that if you are late to your treatment, it will result in a reduction of your treatment time.


Please come to your treatment in a bathrobe. To protect your privacy, we offer a single-use garment for each treatment and work with various masking techniques

Catering to your wishes

We hope to cater to your individual desires in your treatment. Therefore, we will ask you before your treatment what is of particular importance to you. Expert advice is part of your treatment and is close to our hearts.


Appointment cancellations should be made at least 24 hours before the start of the treatment. We must unfortunately charge full price for cancellations any later than this.

Children and treatments

The treatment area is a place of peace. We ask for your understanding that children under 16 are not allowed in these areas, except for specially designated treatments.

Pool / Sauna Area

Please wear swimsuits in the pool area. In the sauna area, we request that you not wear clothing for hygienic reasons. The pool area is also a family area. We ask for your consideration in maintaining absolute peace and quiet in the relaxation areas.

Hours of Operation

- Treatment area
Mo + Fr from 08.00 to 10.30
Mo – Fr from 14.00 to 19.00
or by appointment

- Pool daily from 7.00 to 19.00

- Sauna daily from 15.00 to 19.00

Every Friday: Sauna Events from 15.00 to 17.00

Beauty voucher

Giving presents brings joy!

For relations, acquaintances or friends ... perhaps birthdays, weddings or simply to say thank you! We are happy to send you a personal beauty voucher with your chosen treatments or a cash voucher.

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