Our philosophy - Hotel Winzerhof

Our feel good mission

feel good

True to our motto, we want our guests, employees, suppliers and friends to feel just as comfortable at the Hotel Winzerhof as we do. 

We are happy to pass on the hospitality and the cheerful lifestyle, as well as the family atmosphere to our guests and employees. As the Braun family, we laugh and cry together. We simply feel at home in our house, the village of Tramin and the southern Mediterranean climate. 

Our mission - Vision

The Hotel Winzerhof has been around for over 50 years. We run it in the third generation with a lot of warmth and love for hospitality. Our hotel offers guests a place to relax, slow down and feel good. We offer our guests high-quality, seasonal, traditional and Mediterranean cuisine.

Our vision is to offer both our guests and our employees an inspiring and pleasant environment in which everyone feels comfortable and satisfied.

Our values

Our top priority is to treat our guests, employees and managers in a respectful and friendly manner. Friendliness should be noticeable every day. Through a great, professional and honest community, we create an environment in which both our guests and our employees feel comfortable and valued.

Our quality

For us, quality means that guests and employees feel comfortable with us and enjoy coming back to our company time and time again. We are constantly improving and refining these quality standards to ensure that we fulfil our quality standards.

Our goals

Our corporate goal is to guarantee a stable, economic and financial future. To ensure that our business is an asset to the location and to retain employees and guests accordingly. Acquiring new customers and retaining regular guests are our priorities. Preserving the family-run business for future generations.

Simple and elegant. Our double rooms Classic has been refurnished this year with style and quality.