The Winzerhof Chronicle

50 years Winzerhof

Once upon a time...
... we tell you about our hotel history and a little bit about ourselves.

The Winzerhof has been around since 1973!
We would like to tell you the history of the hotel,
the beginnings of our work and a bit about our family!

Herrmann Braun (†2022) was already running the Löwen inn in the village centre of Tramin in the 1960s/70s when he seized the opportunity to build the Winzerhof with his wife Marianne Brunner (†2017) in 1972/73.

Their children Peter (*1961) and Rosemarie (*1955) were also involved and worked diligently from an early age. 

In 1980, the neighbouring building was extended and the indoor swimming pool was built.

It never got boring, in 1999 it was extended again

Extension by some comfort rooms, number of beds now a proud 58

The years went by...

Sabine attended the hotel management school in Merano, had great ambition and diligence to run the hotel and came back to Tramin in 2006 to the Winzerhof.

...the number of beds continued to rise to 65. In 2007, a big step was taken and the suites were built in the new building.

Just one year later, in 2008, the Winzerhof SPA Vinedo was added.

Peter took over the hotel in 1997

Before that, however, he found his love for Anna, a Merano native and good soul through and through.

The wedding bells rang in 1982.

Sabine was born in 1985 and Alexandra 4 years later in 1989

The third generation

Sabine had not only found happiness professionally, but had also been in love with Lukas (*1980) for a long time. In 2010, she entered the harbour of marriage!

In 2016, Sabine and Lukas had twins: Benjamin & Maximilian.

While the third generation was busy running the hotel, one was always on the move.

Alexandra graduated from hotel management school in Merano, worked and lived there for another 7 years and became a globetrotter. In 2016, she also moved back home - true to the motto ‘Home is home’. But that didn't last long and she now lives with her partner in Germany near Lake Tegernsee.

The Winzerhof and the family are constantly moving forward, renovating, expanding, working on themselves and the future for their own well-being, the well-being of the family and, above all, the well-being of their guests. Because hospitality, family charm and cordiality are just as much a part of the family and the Winzerhof as good food and, in short: feeling good!

So... how could it be otherwise, the next big step is coming: remodelling in 2017/2018.
New suites, new ambience, reception, bar, dining room, lift. Everything open, bright, Mediterranean flair, modern ... but don't worry, still charming, warm and cosy. True to our Winzerhof motto:
feel at home!

Then came Covid... 2020... 2021...
We experienced two very short but intense seasons!

Thanks to all our loyal and many new guests!

In 2022 we did it again ... took the hammer in our hands, renovated a bit here and painted a bit there ... this time our Classic double rooms had to believe it ... they got new furniture and box spring beds so that you can feel even more comfortable.

After a successful opening in 2022, we had to say goodbye to our grandad and founder Hermann Braun. After a full and busy life, he passed away on 2 May. We know that it is in his spirit to continue to shape the Winzerhof with much joy and enthusiasm, so we hope for many more years with you!

Peter with his wife Anna, daughters Alexandra and Sabine with husband Lukas and twins Benjamin and Maximilian.

Simple and elegant. Our double rooms Classic has been refurnished this year with style and quality.