The feel good team

Unique personalities at the Hotel Winzerhof

Our employees are the centrepiece of our hotel. Also known as good souls and helping hands with sunshine in their hearts, an always friendly smile and lots of feel-good spirit. Every member of staff at the Winzerhof loves what they do with all their heart. 

The Braun family: the heart and soul of the feel good Hotel

And then there's us. The hosts. Peter with his wife Anna, their daughters Alexandra and Sabine with her husband Lukas and the twins Benjamin and Maximilian. We love Tramin and the Winzerhof. And we love our unique team, who make our house what it is. A feel-good place.

Your hosts at the Winzerhof

Senior entrepreneur

In 1998, he took over the business from his parents Hermann and Marianne. Before that, he attended the hotel management school in Merano.

His area of responsibility is numbers, finances and accounting. He is mainly found in the back office. However, he is not averse to taking over the bar from time to time and seeks contact with our staff and guests.


Senior entrepreneur 

She ran the company side by side with Peter. She was always in the background and could be deployed wherever help was needed. Nowadays, you will mostly find her with her grandchildren Maximilian and Benjamin or looking after guests in our bar in the afternoon.


Junior entrepreneur

Sabine has been firmly integrated into the company since 2006. After completing hotel management school and 2 years of office work for a lawyer, she returned home.

Her main areas of responsibility are the front office, reception, marketing, occasionally service and above all employee matters. Sabine is not only a full-time entrepreneur, but also a mum to her twin boys Benjamin and Maximilian (*2016).


Alexandra moved to Bavaria for love after a few years working in the hotel business. There she changed business and works now for a famous car manufacturer in Munich. She still enjoys seeing her family and familiar faces on her regular visits. On her visits home, she loves hiking and cycling. 


Husband and right-hand man to Sabine

Lukas is a trained car mechanic. After more than 20 years in this field, he has been supporting Sabine since 2023, primarily in the technical area. You will find him mainly outside and on his bike.

Benjamin & Maximilian

Our twins are everywhere in the hotel. The two 8-year-old sports enthusiasts can be found either in the swimming pool or at the ice rink in Neumarkt. Benjamin loves scoring goals and Maximilian is our goalkeeper.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Working together, supporting each other and growing together - that is our motto. For us, a co-operative working environment is the key to success.

Laughing and having fun together is just as important. We value the moments when we can sit back from work and simply enjoy the company of our colleagues. These experiences strengthen our team spirit and allow us to grow closer together as a team.

After work, we like to spend time together. Whether it's excursions, sightseeing, bowling, go-karting or good food - these activities strengthen our sense of community.

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