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You can relax in our heated indoor salt-water pool at 30° C – it’s good for the body and great for the soul.

Treat yourself - body and mind - at Winzerhof Vinedo SPA!

Can you feel the pressure? No, not work pressure - you’re on holiday! It’s the gentle, health-giving pressure on your skin with essential oils. Feel the effect of healing mud in the Rasul bath - the private spa just for you offers stylish, oriental treatments as in The Arabian Nights, followed by a relaxation session on your own lounger!

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Indoor pool

Relax in our heated indoor salt-water pool at 30° C with aroma showers and Jacuzzi

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is a very old form of bathing that had a very important place in the lives of primitive Indians and Mongolians. The sauna was not only used to cleanse the body but also to clear the mind.

Kneipp basin

Water treading is said to stimulate circulation and the arterial blood flow. The impact of the cold causes the surface blood vessels to contract and, together with muscle movement, and is said to promote venous blood flow and prevent varicose veins.

Steam bath

The steam bath is also known as a Roman or Turkish bath. The optimal interaction of beneficial heat and ideal humidity as well as the vaporising of fragrant essences relieves muscular tension, stimulates relaxation and circulation.

Rasul steam bath

Steam clouds float through the room, the starry sky sparkles with intrigue, music plays softly and you can only just make out the silhouette of your companion. 

Haslauer Soft Pack Bath Tub

Floating water bed

During this treatment you lie comfortably in the Soft-Pack® bath tub where you can relax in almost zero gravity.

Salt-brine-Inhalation bath

The salt – brine inhalation bath is a pleasant and, at the same time, gentle bathing pleasure for young and old alike. The water, enriched with finely pulverised particles of salt and brine, creates a pleasant and beneficial bathing climate.

Simple and elegant. Our double rooms Classic has been refurnished this year with style and quality.